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Facts about Cholesterol

Cholesterol is regarded as a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases because high levels in the blood clog up blood vessels narrowing their lumen. They interact with fibrous tissue to form atherosclerosis (hardened cholesterol deposits) in the inner surface of the walls of blood vessels. This blocks the flow of blood ...

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Tips on how to prevent high blood pressure, or improve control

Hypertension is a very common public health problem that cuts across all race and socio-economic groups. It is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, heart attack, heart failure and peripheral artery disease.  In about 90% of cases of hypertension, there is no known cause and it ...

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Stress and Heart disease

  Stress Cardiomyopathy is a heart condition that arises due to intense stress either emotional or physical. Examples of emotional stress could be the loss of a love one, getting fired unexpectedly, strong arguments, divorce, being falsely accused of a serious crime resulting in extreme fear or anger, and other ...

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