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Statins; duration of use and cholesterol targets

  Statins are drugs used in reducing cholesterol level in the blood. They work by preventing the production of cholesterol by the liver and by the removal of cholesterol from plaques, which are cholesterol deposits in blood vessels that block the flow of blood. In this way they help in ...

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Hypertension and Erectile Dysfunction

A frequent complaint of most men on high blood pressure medication is that, since they started taking these BP drugs, their sex life has gone down the drain. So Doc, what can be done about this? This is a legitimate concern; some blood pressure medications are notorious for causing erectile ...

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Palm oil and its cholesterol controversy

One question some of my patients ask me is whether palm oil is good or not in respect to raising the blood cholesterol level and causing cardiovascular diseases. Note in most parts of Africa, palm oil has no alternative when it comes to cooking soups that are native to this ...

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