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World Sleep Day (March 15): Sleep deprivation and CVD

Sleep deprivation is an important public health issue that has received little attention compared to other health risk factors like smoking, heavy alcohol intake, obesity. So says the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Several studies have shown that poor sleep apart from affecting our mood and performance at ...

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Obesity and weight gain

Obesity is associated with several illnesses including cardiovascular diseases, like heart attack, hypertension and diabetes mellitus. In hypertensive or diabetic patients, weight gain makes your blood pressure or blood sugar difficult to control, so maintaining ideal weight is very important. We use the body mass index (BMI) to determine our ...

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Dementia, cvd and Exercise

When we talk about dementia, we think mostly of Alzheimer’s disease. However there are other causes of dementia, also common is vascular dementia. Before I go further, it’s good we understand what we mean by dementia. By definition it means loss of previously acquired intellectual capabilities, to the extent that ...

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